Ice cream sandwiches

The beet ice cream sandwiches were by far the most “controversial” item we served at the party last night. The looks on people’s faces, when they saw the sandwiches!!!

I followed the recipe from Bravetart for the wafers. The one substitution I made was the use of a Starbucks Via packet rather than the instant espresso powder. This recipe came together very nicely, just as described, but the coffee flavor was overpowering… perhaps I made the coffee too strong and the Via was too strong.

I definitely suggest one change to the procedure. When putting the bottom layer into the brownie pan, use the parchment sling to lower the cookie into the pan. I didn’t do this, and instead made a big freaking mess.

One other suggestion: make a template of the brownie pan so that you can cut the cookie exactly to size.

Ice cream sandwich wafer

The assembled sandwiches came out of the pan very easily:

One massive sandwich

The final product. I thought these were awesome, but I would definitely hold back on the coffee flavor if I were to make these again. Overall, this was a great “project”!!

Beet ice cream sandwiches

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