Recipes from Jane Nirschl

I’ve been working for the past few weeks on scanning and organizing the recipe collection of my grandmother, Jane Nirschl, who passed away recently at the age of 93. I can’t say that I’ve scanned every single recipe–some of them were simply clippings from the Toledo Blade–but I’m pretty sure I’ve collected the primary recipes that were “family” recipes and most of the recipes that were handwritten.

The recipes are all available on this website. There are a few ways to access them. First, the main recipe page will always be available. The same collection of recipes is available via the navigation bar, just under the header picture, under “Recipe Collections”. It’s possible to navigate directly to many of the recipes through the navigation bar, but that system is hard to navigate if there are a large number of recipes in the same category.

The recipe images on the individual pages have been scaled to fit comfortably on the page. To retrieve the full-size scan, simply click on the recipe image.

Please note that you can leave comments at any time. I’d love to hear about your recollections of various recipes!! It would be great if you could participate in this project by transcribing some of the handwritten recipes, adding the transcribed text as a comment. (Note: the first time you leave a comment, I’ll need to approve it. This is to avoid comment spam, which is really prevalent and annoying. After I’ve approved your first comment, further comments post immediately.)

Let me know if you find any mistakes, typos, duplicate recipes (which I’m pretty sure there are), or any other issues you might find. If you think I’ve missed any key recipes, let me know, and I’ll look through the sources while I still have them in my possession. I’m going to return the originals to my Aunt Mary before too long.

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