Bacon, part 2

Two weekends ago, I started my bacon by rubbing some locally-sourced pork belly with a salt, sugar, and maple syrup rub, then letting it cure in the fridge for about 8 days. On Monday night, I rinsed the belly, dried it with paper towels, then wrapped it in plastic so it could stay in the fridge until the weekend.

Bacon 2

Yesterday, I removed the plastic and left the belly unwrapped in the fridge.

I set up the smoker this morning but didn’t have much time to tend it, as I was in charge of the girls. I used apple wood for the smoke. I wish I could tell you how long it took to bring the belly up to 150 degrees, but I don’t even know. Call it 2.5 hours.

For dinner, I cut a few thick slices and fried them up. Awesome.

Bacon 1

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