Getting started with the Limoncello

It seemed so novel to get some Everclear at the liquor store today. Especially since I’m not 20. So I ask my guy, Brandon, if they have Everclear, and what’s his immediate response? “Are you making Limoncello?”

Limoncello 1

So, not really as novel as I thought. But I shall not be dissuaded.

Lesya decided we should go with limes rather than the lemons… Fine with me. So eight limes it is. And what better bottle to use other than the Everclear bottle itself?


Limoncello 3

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3 Responses to Getting started with the Limoncello

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  2. Marlene says:

    Love Lime! So, how did this turn out? Lime cello !!!! Now you have me wanting some.

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