Here’s an entry based on a project that Lesya did in the kitchen… Go Lesya!!

We wanted some cheese to put in our Easter basket for the Easter blessing. You do get your Easter basket blessed, the one holding your babka, kielbasa, candle, Ukrainian eggs, beets and horseradish, and salt, right? Right.

So we wanted some homemade cheese for the basket, and somehow we decided to make the ricotta which I would be using in my Easter dessert this year, a ricotta and rice tart. I made ricotta last year based on a recipe in Bon Appetit, and it was easy and deelish (wish that were on the blog… would like to make that again). We ran cross another recipe in the book I’ve been reading, Make the Bread.

1 gallon whole milk
1 quart buttermilk

Combine the milks and heat to near boiling. Maintain temp for about 20 minutes, then filter through a cheesecloth.

I also saw recipes in the New York Times (which added some yogurt, heavy cream, and salt), and an interesting analysis by Kenji of Serious Eats.

In my Things to Make category: paneer. Kenji suggests that the method for making this ricotta actually results in a paneer rather than ricotta, which is technically made from whey. So for paneer, do you just press the cheese and then cut it into cubes? Need to find a recipe.

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  1. natalia says:

    Joe made ricotta also…he was actually trying to make mozzarella. Still it was really good. I actually made my own butter which turned out awesome. It’s fun playing with dairy.

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