7/21/2017 Garden – Final sunflowers for 2017

A few days ago I planted the last sunflower seeds of 2017, mostly because of running out of space. Decided to plant six rows simultaneous and shoot for a bolus of flowers being ready at once… although in hindsight one of the varieties is 60-70 days unlike the 50-60 for the other two.

Also, planted in two ~30 inch beds with a 12 inch walkway. Three rows per bed spaced at about 7 inches. Rather than put one variety per row, I filled the bed with the same variety across the rows so that taller varieties don’t block shorter ones.

Planted the remainder of the Sunrich Orange Summer, the remainder of the Sunbright Supreme (60-70 days), and about half the remaining Pro Cut Peach.

Lots of fungus and other stuff going on in the garden these days. Just realized that powdery mildew is a problem on some cukes and even what remains of the summer squash. Will be spraying Serenade later today, and probably fertilizing with fish emulsion.

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