Garden, July 17

I really need to keep a garden journal, because I have a lot to learn, I’ve spent more time than usual gardening this year, and I need to keep track of what has and hasn’t worked. So this will likely be very boring to everyone else in the world, hopefully for the rest of the gardening season.

The green beans I planted a few days ago are coming up nicely. Along with the kohlrabi that Dad planted (about a week ago?) and the harvested seeds from what I believe is probably a broccoli raab which was a spring volunteer.

Harvested 11 sunflowers, mostly from the second planting but a couple reds from the first. Together with the 5 from yesterday, these all went out to the curb with a new sign.

Planted a row of cilantro (seed from plants here at home, untested), a row of bulb fennel (80 days, is there enough time?), and two shorter rows of swiss chard.

Placed the final stakes for the pepper plants. Harvested about a dozen Jalapenos yesterday.

Caught a small rabbit and relocated him a five minute walk away.

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