Habanero hot sauce

You’d think I would have some crops from our front yard garden that would feed the family… You know, tomatoes lettuces and the like. We had some strawberries but I think the kids preferred the big ones shipped in from California.

Instead, we had a monster crop of habaneros.

Made the habanero hot sauce based on Rick Bayless‘s recipe… Pan roasted garlic, onion, carrots, Apple cider vinegar. Processed in 1 pint jars (couldn’t find smaller ones in a pinch), ten of them.


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2 Responses to Habanero hot sauce

  1. O says:

    i’d love a pint of that! Have u brewed with your habaneros?

    • Dave Nirschl says:

      If I could make a decent IPA these days, I’d consider it, but my last two batches have been pathetic. Hoping to brew something over the holiday weekend but I’m not yet sure what I’m making…

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