Cinnamon Apple Crumb Pie

Crashed my bike yesterday. That sucked.

Skipped work this morning because I’m not sure I can drive. So I might as well bake something, right? I’ll take at least one shortcut given my physical state… store-bought pie dough.

Katya helped!!!
Making apple pie

For the topping:
75 g flour
75 g dark brown sugar
1 t ground cinnamon
0.25 t salt
5 T butter cut in small pieces

For the filling:
8 Cortland (baking) apples
1 T lemon juice
90 g sugar
2 T cornstarch
1 t ground cinnamon
0.5 t grated nutmeg
0.25 t ground cloves

Make the topping by combining ingredients and cutting in the butter. Cover and chill.

Apple crisp pie

Make the filling by peeling, coring, and cutting the apples in a large dice, about 0.5 inch. Splash with the lemon juice and toss. Mix together remaining ingredients, then pour over apples, toss, and place into the pie crust. Cover immediately with topping. Bake at 375 for about an hour, until the crust has browned and filling is bubbling around the edges.

Apple crisp pie 2

Ref: William Sonoma Baking Book p266.

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