Pasteurizing milk sous vide style

We’ve been discussing whether or not it’s a good idea to pasteurize milk via this method… questions like, will the milk above the water line warm up enough, and is the plastic container safe to 145 degrees F.

Any thoughts?

We were thinking of transferring the milk into gallon ziplock containers, but time was short and this was the least amount of work.


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  1. Nusia says:

    Hey, we were in Lancaster last week and bought some raw milk. It was delicious! As for you leaving the milk jugs in 145 degrees I would be worried about what that plastic is leaching considering it is only good for cold milk. Just a thought. Are you using this milk for anything exciting?
    Oh, and have you checked Trader Joes for goat milk? The one near us sells it.

    • Dave Nirschl says:

      Yeah I know the plastic could in theory leach, but I was too lazy to look up what type of plastic it was and its temperature compatibility.

      The milk was used for my first mozzarella attempt, which I wrote briefly about but not in detail. The mozzarella really suffered from the fact that I tried making it (the second phase, anyway) on the same day I had a massive brew day (last Friday), thus I wasn’t able to pay nearly enough attention to the mozzarella. It could be one of the worst things I’ve ever made!!! Hopefully the beer will turn out better.

      I found goat’s milk at two places… at Whole Earth, an organic grocery store in Princeton NJ (the milk is from Vermont), and via Your Family Farmer, which apparently delivers once a week to Yardley. I’m interested in trying out the latter… will do so for sure on a Saturday when I’ll definitely be around at the pickup time. Thanks for the tip on Trader Joes–I’ll check that out too.

  2. lesya says:

    Hi. Dave forgot to tell you, I saw goat’s milk at McCaffery’s! By the buttermilk.

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