Chive Blossom Vinegar

We’ve been growing chives in our front-yard garden for a few years now, and last year for the first time I noticed how pretty the chive blossoms are. Reading more about them lately, I found out that they are edible and can be delicious atop a fresh salad. But this morning, with my trip to Connecticut delayed by an hour (eventually more), I quickly put together this chive blossom vinegar based on a few blog posts I’ve seen over the last year.


With three chive plants in the garden, I was able to snip off a full quart’s worth of chive blossoms, just under the head of the blossom. I didn’t even bother to rinse them, as I didn’t notice any dirt or bugs while I worked in the garden. Then, some white vinegar got heated on the stove for a few minutes, not to boiling, and this warmish/hot vinegar was poured over the chive blossoms in the quart Mason jar. This will sit in the basement for a few weeks, extracting, after which I’ll filter off the heads and hopefully have a lightly colored and flavored vinegar. I’ll post a picture when it’s ready!!

By the way, we recently mixed up some chives with fresh, homemade “fromage frais”, which maybe I can write about during my trip back home from CT tonight…

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