Ukrainian Napoleon Torte #2

This won’t be a very eloquent post, but I wanted to write down my notes from my second attempt at making the Ukrainian Napoleon Torte. I decided to make two separate custards simultaneously, hoping to make better use of my time and possible finishing up with two tortes in the end. And partly so that if I totally screwed one of them up, I’d have a backup.


In the end, both custards came out just fine, and I kept them in the fridge for several days before use. (The second one is still in there.) Good reviews from our friends at Anya & Katya’s birthday party #2. Mama & Tato also seemed to enjoy it, but Tato thought that there was still a bit too much custard between each layer (despite my attempts to reduce the layer size from my previous Napoleon.)

– I measured 6 cups of milk by volume and weight. Wolfram alpha says it should be 1600 grams. I had less than that. Need to resolve.
– 12 T sugar = 150 grams
– 3 T sugar = 38 grams

After full evaporation:
– batch 1 milk = 487 grams, about 1.75 cups
– batch 2 milk = 550 grams, just under 2 cups

For the dough:
– 548 grams flour
– 451 grams butter
– 200 grams sour cream (165 didn’t seem to be enough)
– Final dough ball was 1181 grams; this was divided into eight 147 grams balls

Final custard (batch 1) was 1041 grams. This was divided by 9 to calculate 115 grams of custard per layer.

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