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Lesya requested a raspberry beer for summer, so I’m making a brown ale, half of which will sit on raspberries for at least a week, the second half on blackberries. Here’s four pounds of raspberries ready for the prefermented beer … Continue reading

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Beans 2013

No time for mozzarella tonight, but I can report on the garden. So far we’ve harvested broccoli, strawberries (small crop but delicious), and a small amount of herbs (chives, thyme, basil, rosemary). And today we started on the green beans, … Continue reading

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Mozzarella part x of y?

There are recipes on the Internet which allow you to (theoretically) make mozzarella in 30 minutes. Hmmmph. The recipe in my book isn’t even close to 30 minutes. I just wish it told me where I can stop for the … Continue reading

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Pasteurizing milk sous vide style

We’ve been discussing whether or not it’s a good idea to pasteurize milk via this method… questions like, will the milk above the water line warm up enough, and is the plastic container safe to 145 degrees F. Any thoughts? … Continue reading

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