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Red Velvet Cake

Modified from Cook’s Country. 350 g flour (2.25 c) 1.5 t baking soda Pinch salt 258 g buttermilk (1 c) 1 T white vinegar 1 t vanilla extract 2 eggs 12 g cocoa powder (2 T) 20-25 g red food … Continue reading

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Chalk White Frosting

There’s only one thing I’ve ever tried to make/bake more than once and had multiple failures. Sure, I’ve overbaked, underbaked, missed an ingredient (say, butter) here and there, but those things are seemingly easily corrected. But with chalk white frosting, … Continue reading

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Rice Gelato from The Perfect Scoop

I used to make a pretty decent rice pudding with vanilla bean and orange segments. I think it might have been a Giada recipe, and of course, I’ve since lost it. But that’s one reason I have this blog, now, … Continue reading

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I don’t know whether or not my wife or friends know what horchata is. I’m not even sure I would know what it is, had I not lived in San Diego for six years, with frequent visits to my local, … Continue reading

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