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Getting started with the Limoncello

It seemed so novel to get some Everclear at the liquor store today. Especially since I’m not 20. So I ask my guy, Brandon, if they have Everclear, and what’s his immediate response? “Are you making Limoncello?” So, not really … Continue reading

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Crema di Limoncello

This falls into my “things I want to make” category. I use Pulse as my blog reader, and I save quite a few blog posts with full intention of making the food at some point in the future… And so … Continue reading

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Birthday Dinner rolls and mousse cake

What a great birthday dinner… Grilled arctic char, homemade dinner rolls, and the previously-mentioned chocolate mousse cake. Note: cooked the char to 135 °F. As for the rolls, the recipe is supposed to make 36 rolls… Seems like a lot, … Continue reading

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First fall check of the bees

Quick update. Made up some approximately 1:1 ratio of sugar water… Note to self: use a bigger stock pot next time, say 12 quart rather than 8 or 10. Checked a few frames in hive 1, looking like there is … Continue reading

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Chocolate Mousse Cake

Here’s my birthday cake for this year: a chocolate mousse cake. The lift here really is only from whipped egg whites… And why this recipe tells you to do this by hand, I can’t imagine, because within 5 minutes I … Continue reading

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Creme Fraiche

Here’s a quick one I’ll use later this weekend on my birthday “cake”. 1 cup heavy cream 1 T buttermilk Combine and heat to lukewarm, which I decided is 89 degrees. Cover and let stand at RT for 2 days. … Continue reading

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Bacon part 1

Started my first attempt at bacon this past Sunday. This slab of pork belly, from a local farm called Ely, barely fit into this particular pan, but I shoved it in!!! Need to post the exact rub recipe, but essentially … Continue reading

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Blueberry muffins

Katya and I decided to do something nice for Anya tonight… make her some blueberry muffins so she could have some for her lunches at school. So even though this recipe has been checked off the list, we made the … Continue reading

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