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Eggs with ramps

Picked up my first-ever haul of ramps yesterday and I couldn’t wait to make something… anything… with them. So for breakfast today it’s scrambled eggs with lightly sautéed ramps.

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Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

This recipe comes via Cullen and Carol, one of the few times in recent history where I’ve baked something other than from my project baking book! These are a nice combination of banana and chocolate in cookie form. (Lesya typically … Continue reading

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Blackberry Pockets

I’ve been laid out by a cold for the past three days. Been watching a lot of Olympics, some survivor show from Discovery Channel (the one with the military guy and the naturalist), and playing a computer game to pass … Continue reading

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American Wheat with Ukrainians

Today I bottled the American Wheat that was made just prior to Christmas with a couple of Ukrainian friends, Mark and George. I bottled the “second” 5-gallons, pitched with WLP320. Fermentation was very slow in my basement due to the … Continue reading

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Pie Crust, finally

As I’ve been working through the WS baking book, I’ve been avoiding some of the pies. And when I make the pies, I have been getting very frustrated by the crusts, which despite my best efforts rarely turn out like … Continue reading

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Home-made dry curd cottage cheese

This is my third or fourth time making cottage cheese at home, but the first time since I acquired rennet and the mesophilic bacterial culture for general cheese-making. (Previously, I used an acid-set method that took much longer and seemed … Continue reading

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Update on the baking book project

You may know that I’m trying to bake every recipe in the book “The Williams-Sonoma Baking Book”. You may know that I took on this project before recognizing that there are 250 recipes in the book and calculating how long … Continue reading

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Port and onion chutney

I perhaps made something similar for Christmas last year? Although it was probably with wine rather than port. From Bon Appetit, slightly modified. 1/4 c olive oil 1 large red onion, sliced thin Salt and pepper 1/2 c ruby port … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the weekend

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Baking and Brewing

So the summer’s over and I’m finally back to baking and brewing. Yes, my cookbook project is proceeding. But I’m starting to worry that it may never end… I think I’m not quite halfway through the 250 recipes in the … Continue reading

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